This session is conducted by Mrs. Aurora Saqui, a well-known Maya healer and artist who was an apprentice of her uncle, the late Don Eligio Panti. She has been successfully treating people for many years at the H’Men Herbal Center located in Maya Centre. This tour can include the following:

  • Individual spiritual healing and cleansing session


    Mayan traditional healing is holistic healing, fully aware of the interconnection of the body, mind, emotions, spirit and environment.  Prayer is the most powerful energy in all holistic Mayan rituals and ceremonies.  Mayan Prayers are softly spoken in reverence and in a deep state of meditation over the “pulses”, head or abdomen.  Using a “Pheasant Tail” (herb) Aurora will cleanse the body brushing it from head to toe.  She’ll then use the spiritual power of smoke: Copal incense along with herbs, seeds, flowers and the bark of sacred trees are burned to aid healing and cleansing.  This smoke “bath” will release harmony, and unblock the effects of stress and emotional trauma, and spell that which blocks a persons’ healthy balance and energy. *This ritual can only be conducted on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

  • H’Men Herb Center & Botanical Garden Tour

    The Center was developed to promote awareness of the Mayan struggle and preserve the Mayan cultural traditions.  The Medicinal Trail will provide guests with a unique opportunity to encounter the true secrets of Mayan herbal medicines and their many uses in the daily lives of the indigenous people.
  • Traditional herbal medicine preparation class
    While Maya spiritual practice is full of rituals dedicated to Mother Earth, traditional medicine is deeply rooted on the healing powers provided by the earth – its soil, water, plants, etc. Most remedies come from the rainforest.  In this session Aurora will show the participants how to prepare a remedy from some of the plants you saw and learned about during the tour of the medicinal garden.  You will prepare it, learn how to use it and take it home.
  • Traditional Mayan massage

    This is an ancient Maya healing technique that gently guides internal abdominal organs into their proper position in order to restore balance for optimal function of the digestive and reproductive systems.  It is believed to improve organ function by releasing physical and emotional congestion (energy blockage), thereby helping to regain balance in the body.  Participants have a choice of three massages:  Womb Massage (females), Abdominal Massage (for gastrointestinal problems) and Upper Back/Neck Massage (to relieve excess muscle tension).
  • Lunch

    Maya-Belizean Buffet.  Example: tamales, tortillas, Caldo (soup), Escabeche, rice and beans, journey cakes (sandwich), seasonal local fruits and vegetables and corn biscuits for dessert.   Upon request, it could be Maya only, Belizean only or a combination.

Additionally, the activities below can be done individually or combined as one full-day tour:

  • Body Energy Enhancement

    Similar to Eastern medicines, the Mayan healing practices are structured in a holistic way, to address health concerns in body, mind and spirit.  Energy work is based largely on clearing any blockages within a person’s energy flow, by applying herbal poultices to different energy points of the body.  It also increases physical and mental strength.  The poultices are left on for a relaxing and healing. (20-30 min-session)

  • Cleansing Herbal Bath

    Water is life. Water is the link to health and balance.  In this ritual the focus is on balancing the inner energy flow of each person by releasing stress, anxiety and other toxic emotions (or physical ailments) from the self. You will relax in a special bath where the previously hand-crushed nine secret Maya herbs have been soaked in the sun.  It relieves stress, anxiety and depression.  It is believed to promote good luck. (30 minutes)

  • Traditional Maya Thanksgiving Ceremony
    Mother Earth is the provider and sustainer of life, and the source of remedies for all illness.  Mayan wisdom taught that we must respect and take good care of nature and all living creatures.  In this traditional ceremony, Mr. and Mrs. Saqui will lead the participants in prayer and thanksgiving to the creator of life, earth and heaven for the blessings of the year.  Performed in the forest, incorporating Copal incense, candles and offerings of flowers, seasonal fruits, corn porridge, and honey (30 min)

  • Cockscomb Jaguar Preserve Spiritual Hike and Mountain Meditation

    Mr. Ernesto Saqui, avid conservationist and indigenous leader and former Director of the Preserve, will guide guests on a natural meditation and spiritual journey: mindfully exploring and learning about natural history, flora and fauna and its significance as it relates to their existence and our connection with it.  The hike culminates with a 30-min meditation session in the rainforest.  (4 hours)
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